Dudivil P62H

Dudivil brand represents the range of PVAc glues in aqueous dispersion.This kind of adhesives cures through a physical process, i.e. the filmformation caused by the evaporation of the water that produces athermoplastic adhesive joint. These products have a low environmentalimpact and are ideal to bond wood.
The product range of Durante & Vivan offers adhesives for different purposes:

  1. General applications.
  2. Production of furniture.
  3. Bonding of hard and soft wood for the production of blockboards or multilayer panels.
  4. Assembling of chairs.
  5. Insert of dowels.
  6. Production of parquet.
  7. Adhesives according to UNI EN 204-205 D3 and D4.

Considering the wide application field and the wide range ofDuroxill products we suggest contacting our staff in order to receivefurther information and/or offer suitable to different needs.

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